TransX Advantages


You can’t become the best without employing the best. That’s why TransX is committed to recruiting, retaining and developing the best employees in the transportation industry. Moreover, we foster values of honesty, respect, openness and integrity among all of our employees, and instil in them an unwavering dedication to our customers and their satisfaction. The strength and commitment of our people provides TransX with the ability to respond effectively and creatively to the needs of our customers and an everchanging economy, and is the primary reason why, year after year, TransX has one of the best performance records in the industry.


At TransX, our customers are our partners, for we can’t be successful without making them successful first. That’s why we work closely with our customers to fully understand their businesses, and then provide customized solutions that adapt the way we do ours to the way they do theirs.

Safety First Commitment

TransX understands that dependable deliveries start with a commitment to safety. That’s why TransX’s first Guiding Principle is to “always exercise the best practices for the protection of our people, our customers and the public.” To this end TransX employs the following safety first practices:

  • We have a full time Safety Department dedicated to company wide safety.
  • We only recruit safe drivers with clean safety records.
  • All new drivers receive a three-day driver orientation and safety program.
  • We constantly monitor for safety related violations and concerns and take immediate corrective action when necessary.
  • We provide safety training (and re-training) to all our terminal employees.
  • We sponsor annual safe driving programs across North America and encourage our drivers to take part.
  • We set Safety Targets against Industry Benchmarks. Our goal is to reduce all incidents to under 5.0 accidents per million miles and all preventable accidents greater than $3,000 to under .6 per million miles.
  • TransX has developed and implemented a safety calendar, which focuses on specific safety related topics throughout the year.

These initiatives led to TransX earning an exceptional 4 out of 5 safety rating (industry average: 2.9) by Marsh & McLennan Companies in their Gap analysis.

“Drivers are reminded to drive to conditions at all times and that if you’re not comfortable, find a safe place and pull over.”

Jeff Johnson,
2005 TransX
Driver of the Year


Innovation is a dominant theme within TransX’s culture and TransX is always on the look-out for new processes and technologies that can benefit our customers. In fact, many of the processes we use today we developed ourselves in response to a customer’s specific need or challenge. Additionally, while we may not invent the technologies we use, we always seek to find innovative ways to push them to the limits of their applications.

Below are just a few of the innovative ways TransX has found to better serve its customers:

  • Shunt and transfer service for customers with multiple production and distribution centers within a set geographic area.
  • Two-way satellite communication on all TransX highway trucks.
  • Satellite-based remote temperature-monitoring on intermodal containers.
  • Remote yard rental for secure storage of loaded trailers off the customer’s property.
  • Trailers capable of multiple climate zones (multi-temps) for simultaneous distribution of fresh and frozen foodstuffs.
  • A proprietary computer system developed in-house that allows for rapid customization to meet our customers’ unique tracking and reporting needs.
  • Secure C-TPAT certified terminals with 24/7 monitored gates and biometric scanning (high volume terminals).
  • All terminals have specialized doors that allow for trailers with “barn doors” to be opened from the cross-dock thus eliminating the need for the driver to open the doors prior to backing into the loading door. Some customers have since replicated this innovation as they have built their own, new shipping and receiving facilities.
  • TransX mitigates fuel costs with a proprietary model to purchase diesel on the spot market.


TransX is committed to being actively involved in all communities in which we have a presence.
Corporately, we have supported numerous charities and organizations including the Canadian Human Rights Museum, Ducks Unlimited, the Pan-Am Clinic and Manitoba’s Italian Chamber of Commerce.