Taking Innovative Roads to Help the Environment and the Bottom Line.

Reducing Fuel Usage

TransX is in the process of reducing fuel usage and emissions through a number of new initiatives. First, we are reducing the maximum road speed for our fleet from 70 miles per hour to 65 miles per hour by reprogramming the Electronic Control Units in all of our tractors. Next, we have implemented an innovative fuel reduction incentive program for Owner-Operators which rewards them for reducing their speed. Finally, we are researching the benefits of filling our fleets’ tires with nitrogen and placing aerodynamic skirting on our trailers. Together, these measures will not only help reduce emissions and fuel usage, they will also help to reduce our overall operating costs.

A SmartWayTM Transport Partner

SmartWayTM Transport is an innovative collaboration between the EPA and the freight sector designed to improve energy efficiency, improve energy security and reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions. TransX is part of this partnership, and we employ Certified SmartWayTM tractors and trailers as part of our US fleet. These special trailers are outfitted at point of sale with equipment that significantly reduces fuel use and emissions.

Turnpiking in Western Canada

Permitted only on twinned highways in certain parts of Canada, Turnpiking is the practice of hauling two 53 foot trailers in tandem. As such, it offers both significant fuel savings and other efficiencies to our operation. Because of this, TransX has been steadily increasing the number of Turnpike trips of its Linehaul fleet between Winnipeg, Manitoba and destinations in Alberta.

TransX a Partner in Tyson’s Success

Tyson Foods named TransX a Premier Supply Chain Partner that helped to “drive, ship and plan” their success. Tyson is a SmartWay Transportation Partner and promotes the program in the choice of its logistics chain partners. TransX is a SmartWay Transport Partner.