Dependable, Economical Delivery

of Your Shipments Across North America & Worldwide

TransX maintains its own dedicated fleet of more than 1000 intermodal containers

For shipments where transit times are flexible, TransX offers cost-effective truckload, LTL, and temperature-controlled Intermodal service within Canada. With a fleet of over 1000 containers and dedicated chassis pools throughout our network, you can rely on TransX timely and economical delivery of all of your intermodal shipments.

Overseas Intermodal

TransX also offers overseas intermodal shipping through ports in Eastern and Western Canada. TransX can also provide seamless order management for shipments requiring stuffing and de-stuffing services for both inbound or outbound overseas shipments.


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2595 Inkster Blvd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 2E6

Head Office Telephone:
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Head Office Fax: (204) 694-2958

North American Intermodal Terminals

H&R Transport

H&R is a transportation company with a high level of expertise in the full load temperature-controlled marketplace. H&R specializes in intermodal transportation across Canada and has built one of the best reputations in temperature-controlled service.

H&R complements all of the services TransX provides to customers and establishes one of the strongest intermodal temperature-controlled service providers in North America. H&R operates with a high level of service and is a leader in the premium refrigerated service market. The combined intermodal fleets of TransX and H&R expand the supply of intermodal containers and drayage services to customers. Together, a more efficient and competitive transportation solutions company will better serve the growing consumer economy.


Nothing is more disruptive or costly in the transportation business than downtime caused by faulty equipment. That's why TransX maintains its own fleet of more than 1000 intermodal containers and chassis. We are also operationally focused on eliminating claim concerns through rigorous preventative maintenance schedules for all intermodal equipment. As a customer, this means peace of mind concerning equipment quality, reliability, safe and dependable handling of your products.


Refrigerated 53' Container
Height: 101"
Width: 97"
Length: 49' 7"
Maximum Payload: 58,000 lbs. CDN


Heated 53' Container
Height: 97"
Width: 97"
Length: 52'
Maximum Payload: 58,000 lbs. CDN


Dry 40' Container
Height: 94"
Width: 91"
Length: 39.5'
Maximum Payload: 58,000 lbs. CDN


Dry 20' Container
Height: 94"
Width: 92"
Length: 19.4'
Maximum Payload: 55,000 lbs. CDN