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When you want the best customs experts working on your behalf, the choice is clear.

TransX can provide customs brokerage for all of your cross-border shipments through its own dedicated in-house service, Expert Customs Brokers. Expert Customs Brokers can be engaged as a stand-alone service or as a fully integrated component of your TransX transportation business. We employ the industry’s best-trained and most experienced people, and utilize the most advanced release systems available to ensure you and your customers always receive the fastest, most efficient releases possible 24 hours a day. Equally important, when you partner with us we can customize our processes to specifically match your requirements. Give us a call, and discover the advantage of going cross-border with an eXpert.

The Expert Advantage

With TransX’s Expert Customs Brokers, efficient customs clearance is only a small portion of what we can provide. As your full-service trade facilitator, we can also provide you with accurate, timely, information and professional customs compliance consultation on-demand. To facilitate this role we have developed a comprehensive menu of fully Integrated Customs Services. From proper tariff classifications to navigating the ins and outs of NAFTA, trust Expert Customs Brokers for the knowledgeable assistance you need for all your international shipping needs. Other eXpert advantages include:

Use of the latest clearance technologies including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and fax servers
Expertise processing shipments for several food-related industry sectors (we have full understanding and specialized processes for meeting the requirements of US customs and those of the Canada Food Inspection Industry)
Full understanding and integration with all modes of transportation: road, rail, air and ocean
Superior staff training - we support all of our staff in obtaining their Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) designation and to work towards obtaining their Customs Brokers license from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)
The transportation expertise and support of the entire TransX Group of Companies

Specialized Services

The following specialized services are available through Expert Customs Brokers:

Customs Self Assessment

The CBSA’s Customs Self Assessment (“CSA”) program is ideal for any business that wishes to obtain a lower risk rating with CBSA and achieving greater compliance in its customs clearance processes. The payback can be very quick and the long term rewards quite significant for most importers who take advantage of the program. This said, CSA is not for every importer, as you require a sufficient volume of business to make the initial investment in time and systems worthwhile.

Premier Meat Clearance Service

TransX works with some of the world’s largest and most experienced meat producers, brokers and shippers. Our Premier Meat Clearance Service focuses directly on our customers’ needs so we can provide them with the most efficient border clearance package into Canada.

Our Expert Meat Specialists deal with nothing but meat imports all day, every day. They are experienced, professional, and dedicated to our customers’ success. In recognition that one solution does not fit all, we visit our customers’ meat exporting facilities to learn how they work. We then offer customized solutions specific to their operation. In addition, our Premier Meat Clearance Service includes the following:

  • Thorough staff training regarding our processes for all logistics staff, customer service personnel, truck drivers and sales teams.
  • A “One Call/One Contact” communication system that ensures that you are always in touch and informed.
  • A no charge review of export documents before loads ship.
  • Notification of inspection status with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).
  • Real time advice of customs clearance at the Canadian port of entry.
  • Electronic clearance of all shipments in advance of arrival at the border, regardless of time of day or border crossing location.
  • To find out more about our Premier Meat Clearance Service, contact an Expert Specialist today.

Expert Consulting Services

In addition to efficient customs clearances, TransX’s Expert Customs Brokers provides its customers with a variety of consulting services. These include:

  • Simulated customs compliance audits
  • Classification and valuation reviews
  • NAFTA compliance advice
  • NAFTA procurement services
  • Customs process reviews
  • Customs compliance manuals and seminars
  • Customs Self Assessment (CSA) implementation
  • Post-entry amendments

Expert believes that customs compliance is important to our customers. We offer compliance service packages that bundle consulting and auditing services with differing levels of service to meet our customers variety of needs and complexity of operations.

Expert Freight Forwarding

Expert’s Freight Forwarding Service is perfect for any business that imports goods for sale or processing in Canada or exports goods to world markets. Expert freight forwarding can meet virtually any import or export requirement of any world destination with its comprehensive list of service which include:

  • Import and export ocean and air services
  • Full container load service
  • Less-than-container-load (LCL) service
  • LCL consolidations
  • Breakbulk services
  • Roll-on, roll-off (RORO) and Load-on and Load-off (LOLO) services
  • Document legalization
  • Letter of Credit and Sight Draft negotiation
  • Worldwide agency representation
  • Freight options to suit a customer’s needs
  • Online freight quotations through our Expert Toolbox
  • To learn more about our freight forwarding services contact: Phone: (877) 362-3607