Employer of Choice for Drivers

TransX has a demonstrated history of being an industry leader in the recruiting and retention of truck drivers; an especially important endeavour given the changing demographics and dwindling labour pool for our industry.

The following demonstrate our commitment to remaining the industry leader:

  • Referral Program - TransX developed a CD that combines a recruiting message with music. It is distributed by our drivers at truck stops and other driver congregation areas. We pay referral bonuses after new drivers have at least one year of continuous service.
  • Top Tier Pay Packages - TransX is in the top 30th percentile in truck driver salary and benefits.
  • Driver Earning Potential - Linehaul drivers have solid earning potential by running 10,000-13,000 miles per month.
  • Employee Recognition Programs - Tiered benefits for years of service and safety thresholds. For example, a 30-year driver gets to select a new truck to drive, optioned to their liking. A 25-year employee gets a Caribbean vacation. There is an Annual Safety Awards Banquet where high performers are recognized by management and their peers.
  • Inclusion Policy - TransX regularly surveys staff and has an ongoing IDEA CALL program. The Driver Partnership Committee meets monthly to discuss topics of interest to drivers.
  • Driver Appreciation Days -TransX hosts annual barbeques at all of our terminals hosted by management. Food options reflect the ethnic diversity of our employees.
  • 100% Home for the Holidays -TransX ensures all drivers are routed home for the holiday break in December. If this cannot be done, drivers are flown home.
  • 100% Commitment to Safety -TransX allows its drivers discretion to stop driving if they think they are at risk, regardless of the cause.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - TransX provides access to counselling for all employees and their families in times of need and covers travel costs to be with loved ones in certain crisis.
  • Post-Secondary Scholarship Fund -Every year, TransX has up to five $1000 scholarships available to dependents of employees for post-secondary education.
  • Comprehensive Training Programs - TransX provides training and seasonal refreshers for all drivers. Topics include winter driving, dangerous goods handling, slip and fall, sexual harassment, and border security to name a few.
  • Respectful Work Environment -TransX has a no-tolerance policy on sexual harassment, discrimination, and intolerance.
  • Offshore Recruiting - TransX helps qualified truck drivers with their immigration for trucking jobs in Canada and acclimatization to a new country.

The strength of our people gives us the flexibility to provide the exact service needed to meet customers’ unique needs with a comprehensive service offering and more options to improve efficiencies in their supply chain. The TransX Group of Companies currently has nine service offerings more than double what most of our competitors offer. In addition to the cost–savings that come with economies of scale and an integrated product offering, the level of expertise and performance within this suite of services has the added value of a convenience factor. TransX is able to leverage this offering to provide a seamless, transportation solution with complimentary elements that use our asset management expertise and financial stability to everyone's benefit.