The Canada Border Services Agency updates its verification targets

Commodities are targeted for verification of origin, tariff classification and value for duty.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) posted on its website a few changes to the list of goods which are currently subject to its verification priorities.

Through verifications the Agency assesses importers’ compliance with CBSA administered legislation, determines compliance within industry sectors and assesses the integrity of trade data received from importers.

Verifications usually concern the origin of imported goods, their tariff classification and their value for duty.

Changes were made for the following items in the tariff classification category:

  • Stone Table and Counter Tops (Round 2)
  • Disposable and Protective Gloves (Round 4)

A change were made for the following item in the valuation category:

  • Footwear (Round 2)

Link: CBSA Trade Compliance Verifications January 2019