Customs duties eliminated on certain manufacturing inputs

Included products are a result of specific industry requests for duty relief

Following specific industry requests for tariff relief, the Government of Canada announced the elimination of the Most-Favoured-Nation (MFN) rate of customs duty on certain products used in manufacturing.

The Department of Finance published Order in Council P.C. 2021-318 in the Canada Gazette. The Order eliminates the customs duty on the following products used in manufacturing:

  • Stainless steel parts for use in the manufacture of cookware: tariff item No. 7323.93.10
  • Forged wheels for use in the manufacture or production of wheel sets: tariff item No. 8607.19.21

As a result of consultations on the proposed changes for forged wheels for use in the manufacture or production of wheel sets, it was determined that the products for which tariff relief is being provided will not directly compete with products manufactured in Canada.

No stakeholder submissions were received with respect to stainless steel parts used in the manufacture of cookware, for which there is no production available in Canada.

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