President’s Message


Welcome to the TransX Group of Companies!

You are now a member of a team which believes in treaing its people fairly, justly and personally. Every person performing services is welcome to meet with management regarding both suggestions and complaints relating to the betterment of both our company and its Team Members.

We strive to be recognized as transportation professionals, and to accept the challenge to be the best. We are in business to realize a profit. Achieving our goals, as a company, allows us to provide a well paid, sound job and financial security for you and your family. It also means we can provide you with the best tools to do your job.

You have the oppportunity to share in our growth and prosperity by giving your best to help achieve our mutual goals and objectives.

Always remember that you represent our company. How you conduct yourself either at work or in your personal life will create an image in the public eye. When that image is good, all is well; if unacceptable, we all suffer.

We appreciate your contributions towards eensuring greater successes for both you and The TransX Group of Companies. Thanks you for coming on board. You have picked the best time and made the right choice to be part of our company!

Mike Jones,