President’s Message

When I look back over TransX’s past 54 years in the transportation industry I am amazed at how much has changed… and how much has stayed the same. 

Customer supply chains have evolved to become incredibly efficient, and demanding. This requires precision on the operations side and real time communication and transparency to ensure a second to none customer experience.

Regulations, security and compliance have become more complicated; ELD’s, ACE/ACI and compliance fines are a part of the industry and those who do not adapt and manage them properly will not succeed.

Emission controls on both trucks and reefer trailers have made equipment more efficient, but also more expensive and more costly to maintain.

These are all things that none of us thought about 10 years ago, never mind in 1963.

What hasn’t changed is our vision. 54 years ago I set out to build a company that was a prosperous workplace destination for our people. Where our focus was to drive value into our customers supply chains through innovation and the covenants of safety and integrity.

We now have the largest privately owned fleet in Canada, employ over 2600 people and are honoured to have some of the largest and well known customers in North America trust us with their supply chains.

I am proud of what we have accomplished, and the people who accomplish it, day in and day out in this incredibly demanding industry. The TransX Group owes its success to a vision, but a vision is only a vision when it is executed and made real by people.

Louie Tolaini,